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Bulgarian Citizenship for Turkish Citizens

Bulgaria makes positive or negative decisions about the requests of persons applying for citizenship by considering the reason for the application. The current citizenship law, which was processed in 1999, clearly states what conditions are met and for which reasons an application can be made. The same law also defines issues such as removal from Bulgarian citizenship or renewal of Bulgarian citizenship. There is require similar and also different steps for Citizenship applications to this country for each separate justification.

Who can get the citizenship and how to get Bulgarian citizenship?

It is quite easy and faster to apply Bulgaria citizenship for Turkey citizens which have personal or family ties with Bulgaria . Those who emigrate from Bulgaria and lose their citizenship or whose family is born in this country can obtain an indefinite residence permit and therefore citizenship after a five year waiting period. However, even if these requests are met, the applicant should didn't ever been convicted in past and should have a certificate confirming that he/ she can speak and understand the Bulgarian language provided by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. The main method of transitioning to Bulgarian citizenship is through family ties. However, even if this is not the case, it can acquire citizenship. Citizenship can also be demanded after an economic contribution investment to the country   or marriage to a Bulgarian citizen.

Every citizen of Bulgaria is also a citizen of the European Union (EU). Bulgarian law also states that citizens can carry the identity of more than one country. In other words, a person who is a citizen of this country doesn't have to withdraw from the citizenship of the former country except under certain circumstances.

Except for those who are married to Bulgarian citizens, the member states of the European Union shall not be asked to leave the citizenship of the countries in the European Economic Area Agreement and the citizens of the Swiss Confederation. Likewise, those who have previously resigned from Bulgarian citizenship for any reason may be dual citizens with apply to Bulgarian citizenship again. This situation can also benefit from the old Bulgarian immigrants who migrated to Turkey.

Where to Apply for Bulgarian Citizenship?

The persons who will be apply for Bulgarian citizenship from Turkey,  can launch themselves citizenship application process from Ankara Embassy of Bulgaria, Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul, Edirne and the Bulgarian Consulate Bursa.

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