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Obtaining Bulgaria Citizenship for Citizen Mother / Father Child

In past times, the Bulgarian citizen mother or fathers can take their Turkey born child to Bulgaria by a Turkish passport. But now, the Turkey born childs cant take a Turkish passport to go to Bulgaria with their Bulgaria citizen families. Families have to take a passcheck or red passport for their child's. In other words, in order to take their children to Bulgaria, they must obtain either a passport (one-page passport) or a Bulgarian red passport.

Before issuing a red passport for a child, there are certain conditions that the parent of a Bulgarian citizen must meet. First, if the couple married in Turkey, they must introduce their marriage to the official authorities. Then they must introduce the birth of their children in Bulgaria. Families carrying out these two procedures can apply for a red passport to their children.

Red Passport Application for Children

Parents are required to apply for a red passport for their children. If only one of the parents is going to apply, the other must give a consent.

The procedure for issuing a Bulgarian passport and the documents required for children under 14, 14-18 and over 18 may vary. In the continuation of our article;

  • Introducing the Marriage in Bulgaria,
  • Introducing the Birth of the Child,
  • Taking a Red Passport to Children Under 14 for first time ,
  • Taking passport for Children between the ages of 14-18 for first time,
  • You can find detailed information and a list of documents about the issuance of a Red Passport for the First Time to a Child Over 18.

If you are confused about applying for a red passport or Lechna Card (ID card) and the list of documents you need to prepare, we advise you to call us for advice. When you give power of attorney to Euroaisa Global Visa Services authorities, we support you in all processes of issuing passports and obtaining leachna cards.

Getting Bulgarian Citizen Mother /Father's Marriage Certificate

The first thing for taking a red passport for child is getting a Bulgaria Marriage Certificate. In other words, they have to take a marriage certificate in Bulgaria. You can find detailed information about marriage registration procedure and document list on our website. If you don't want to waste time, you can call us on +90 212 963 03 43 or visit our Euroasia Global Visa Services office for support. If you give a power of attorney to our officials, they will assist you in all your transactions from preparing your list of documents to receiving your appointment.

Required Documents for Marriage Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate (Form B) : It must be apostilled and should obtained from the Population Directorate.
  • Fully Inclusıve Population Registration Example: It must be Apostilled and should obtained from the Population Directorate within the last one week.
  • Name Equivalence Certificate: The certificate must belong to the mother and / or father and should be apostilled.
  • Photocopy of Lechna Card and Bulgarian Passport: It must belong to the spouse who is a Bulgarian citizen.
  • Power of Attorney: The attorney you have given to our authority must be a notarized and Apostilled.
  • Ways to follow to get a marriage certificate

1. Send your documents by cargo to our office:

To get a marriage certificate, you can ask the current documents list from our authorities. After preparing your documents, you need to send them to our office by cargo.

2. Our officials will inform you:

As soon as your documents reach our authority, they will check your documents and inform you if you have any missing or incorrect documents and they will ask you to complete your missing documents.

3. Make your payment:

Our authority who will make the final checks of your documents will give you the information you need to pay for issuing a marriage certificate. This amount includes notarization, translation and our consultancy fee. You can deposit the fee to the account number given by our official.

4. We will certify and translate your documents in Bulgaria:

We will have your documents approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process takes about 1 week. We will have your documents translated by a sworn translator and have them approved by a notary public in Bulgaria.

After these procedures are completed, we will go to the municipality in your region of Bulgaria and apply for registration of marriage certificate. Your marriage certificate will be issued in an average of 1 month. After you prepare your documents, you can make the registration process by going to the Bulgarian Consulate and Embassy in Turkey. Marriage registration procedures from Turkey takes about six months.

Obtaining Birth Certificate in Bulgaria

Bulgarian citizen mother/ father needs do another thing before take a red passport, taking a birth certificate in Bulgaria for children born in Turkey. If you don't have time to go to Bulgaria during this process, you should contact our office and give a power of attorney to our authority. Contact with our authorities for the current list of required documents to issue a birth certificate. When you send your paperwork to our office by cargo, we will follow the procedure for issuing the Birth Certificate on your behalf.

To get the birth certificate for a child which is born in Turkey, all the necessary documents should be apostilled and translate in Bulgarian. If the mother or father who is going to give a power of attorney is a double citizen, a proxy should be made according to the Turkish identity card and Bulgarian identity card information. The power of attorney, which is based only on Turkish identity, isn't accepted in Bulgaria.

Required Documents for Obtaining Birth Certificate

  • Birth Registration Example: (Form A) It should be apostilled and belong to the child.
  • Full Inclusive Registration Example: It must be apostilled and belong to the child.
  • Name Equivalence Certificate: The Certificate should be apostille and must belong to the mother or father.
  • Marriage Registration Certificate: The Bulgarian marriage certificate which belongs to the parents.
  • Photocopy of Lechna Card and Bulgarian Passport: It must belong to the parents who are Bulgarian citizens.
  • Turkish Identity Photocopies: The photocopies must belong to the mother or father who is a Turkish citizen.
  • Power of Attorney: It should be notarized and apostilled, must belong to parents.

Procedure for Obtaining Birth Certificate to Child in Bulgaria

1. Send your documents to our office by cargo:

After preparing the required documents for taking birth certificate in Bulgaria, you can send your documents to our office. Our representative will provide the necessary checks and inform you as soon as the documents are received. It will ask you to complete any missing documents.

2. We will translate and certify your documents:

We will have approve all the required documents for the Birth Certificate  by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia. We will then translate it into Bulgarian through a sworn translator. Finally, we will have the notary public of Bulgaria approved.

3. We will apply to the Population Directorate:

We will apply to the District Population Directorate (Slujba AO GRAO- Grajdanska Registratsiya i Administrativno Obslujvane) of the city to which the Bulgarian national parent is affiliated.

4. We will get your child's identification number:

We will apply to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice (Ministersyvo na Pravosidieto) to obtain a Bulgarian ID number (Edinen Grajdanski Nomer) for the child wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

5. We will get birth certificate:

We will apply to get a birth certificate with the Bulgarian ID number of the child and the District Population Directorate of the city where the mother / father is a citizen of Bulgaria. The birth certificate is issued in approximately 30 days. With this document, the child can apply for a red passport.

Issue of Bulgarian Passport to Children Under 14

There are some documents and procedures required to issue a Bulgarian passport for the first time to children under 14 years of age. Below you will find the necessary documents and procedures for issuing Bulgarian passports.

  • Birth Certificate: The birth certificate of the child, obtained from Bulgaria, (Akt za rajdane).
  • Bulgaria Marriage Certificate: (Grajdanski Brak), The marriage certificate which belongs to the parents.
  • Photocopy of Lechna Card and Bulgarian Passport: The document which belongs to Bulgarian parents.
  • 2 Biometric Photographs
  • Photocopy of Passport and Identity Card: The ID cards and passports photocopy which belongs to a Turkish citizen mother / father.
  • Residence address: The document that showing current address and your contact information in Turkey.
  • Name Equivalence Certificate: Should belong to a parent who is a citizen of Bulgaria.
  • Commitment: The application should be given by the mother or father.

Additional Services

The  required documents for Bulgarian children to become Bulgarian citizens must be translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator and should notarized. You can get support from our office for all your translations. In addition, you can get advice from our authorities for all stages from preparing documents to getting your appointment for red passport applications.

Bulgarian Passport Documents for Children between the ages of 14-18

You can find below the documents required for children aged 14-18 who will issue their first Bulgarian passport.

  • Bulgaria Birth Certificate: Akt za rajdane, which belongs to the child.
  • Photocopy of Lechna Card and Bulgarian Passport: Should belong to the Bulgarian citizen parent.
  • Your residence address: This document should show your address and contact information you reside in Turkey.
  • Turkish Identity and Passport Photocopy: This documents should belongs to a Turkish citizen mother or father.
  • 2 Biometric Photographs: 3,5x4,5 mm in dimensions.
  • Address Document: The document which is show your address from your municipality in Bulgaria (Udostoverenie Za Postoyanen Address).

Bulgarian Passport Documents for Children Over 18

You can find the required documents for children over 18 who will get a Bulgarian passport for the first time.

  • 2 Biometric Photographs
  • Bulgaria Birth Certificate: Birth certificate of child.
  • Address Document: Address document from your municipality in Bulgaria (Udostoverenie Za Postoyanen Address)
  • Photocopy of Leichna Card: (Photocopy of Leichna Card belonging to 2 Bulgarian citizens who are first degree relatives. These people will come to the Consulate with the applicant and bear witness).
  • Photocopy of the passport of the Bulgarian Citizen parent.
  • The current address in Turkey.
  • A phone number to contact you.
  • Photocopy of Turkish Identity and Passport if parents are dual citizens.


Citizenship Application Procedure for Bulgarian Citizen Mother or Father’s Child

1. Fill the the application form: 

To take a Bulgarian passport for Turkey born child, first thing is fill the "Zavayleni"  form. Zavaylenie Form is given from the Consulates and Embassy of Bulgaria. You can fill in the form by making an appointment by telephone or e-mail from these agencies.

2. Send the form and documents to the Consulate

Please send the necessary documents for the passport and Zavaylenie Form to consul.istanbul@mfa.bg by e-mail.

3. They will call you from the Consulate for your incorrect documents

If the documents you have prepared for the red passport are missing or incorrect, the consular officer will call you and inform you. And that's why you can complete your missing documents as soon as possible.

4. Make an appointment

Red passport applications can be made to the consulate or embassy where the person enters the jurisdiction of the city where the person lives. In other words, those who living in Istanbul, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Çanakkele should apply to Istanbul General Consulate of Bulgaria, those who living in Bursa, Bilecik, Muğla, Balıkesir, Denzil, Aydın, Muğla, Yalova and İzmir should apply to Bursa General Consulate of Bulgaria. Those who live in Edirne, Tekirdağ and Kırklareli should apply  to the Consulate of Bulgaria in Edirne and those who live in Ankara and other cities should apply to the Embassy of Ankara. The Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy official will make an appointment for you to arrive at another day and time. You can apply for a passport on that day.

5. Receive your passport

Red passports are issued within 3 months of the application date. You can get your passport from the Bulgarian Consulates or Embassy by yourself. If you want someone else to take it on your behalf, you must provide that person's name to the consular officer.

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