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Bus connections to and from Bulgaria

It is possible to make your travel to Bulgaria by air or by land. You can also travel to Bulgaria with Sofia Ekspres, the European railway line of TCDD. In order to complete your journey with your own car, your vehicle must have green insurance, chip license and vinetka (road tax stamp). If the car you are driving is registered on another person, a power of attorney must be obtained from the owner of the vehicle. Make sure that the power of attorney is apostilled. For those who want to travel by bus, we have detailed information about Bulgaria buses. You can start your journey from Istanbul to Edirne and Bursa to travel to Bulgaria. It takes approximately 9-10 hours by bus from Istanbul to Bulgaria. However, because of to passport controls at the border gates, the journey may take longer. Public (Bordeaux) passport holders are subject to a visa when traveling to Bulgaria. Private (Green) and Service (Gray) passport holders are exempt from visa for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. If you need a visa for your travels to Bulgaria, you can obtain your C type (short term) Bulgaria visa through our visa service and you can benefit from our professional visa consultancy service for your D type (long term) visa applications.

Which Bus Companies Go to Bulgaria?

In our page, we write about the bus companies that organize road trips from Istanbul to Bulgaria. However, some companies have departure their road trips to Bulgaria from Bursa and Edirne. Among the companies that organize bus services for Bulgaria;

  • Huntur / Avar Tourism,
  • Metro Tourism,
  • Engaged Tourism,
  • Has Tourism,
  • Istanbul Travel.

There are bus companies to many cities of Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Shumen, Haskovo, Silitre, Razgrad, Lesovo, Kardzhali, Isperih, Svilengrad etc.). You can check the company website to see if there is an expedition to the city you want to go.

Contact Information of Huntur / Avar Tourism 

Esenler Bus Station Address: Altıntepsi Neighborhood, 34035 Bayrampaşa / İstanbul
Phone: +90 554 342 04 09
Fax: +90 212 658 00 61

Istanbul-Bulgaria Bus Schedules for Huntur / Avar Tourism

Huntur / Avar Tourism, from the Great Istanbul Bus Station (Esenler) 17.30, 18.00, 19.30 hours are organized to Bulgaria. Travel times may vary depending on the city you want to travel to. For example, the Istanbul-Sofia expedition departs from Esenler bus station at 18.00 and departs at 17.30. When you visit Huntur Tourism website and select the date you want to travel, the cities you will start and end your trip, the bus schedule is displayed on the page. You can also check the features of the bus you have selected from this page. You can buy your tickets online or directly from the company. Huntur / Avar Tourism's road trips from

  • Istanbul to the cities of Bulgaria are as follows;
  • Istanbul-Sofia (18.00)
  • Istanbul-Plovdiv (18.00)
  • Istanbul-Haskovo (18.00)
  • Istanbul Ispir (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Kubrat (Razgrad) (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Lesovo (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Omurtag (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Pazardzhik (18.00)
  • Istanbul-Ruse (17.30, 19.30)
  • Istanbul-Shumen (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Svilengrad / Anfora (18.00, 19.30)
  • Istanbul-Targovishte (17.30)
  • Istanbul-Yanbolu (17.30)

The given times may vary because of to the excess demand and the lack of demand. Don't forget to contact the company by using the contact information.

Metro Tourism İstanbul / Edirne / Bursa to Bulgaria Bus Schedules

If you want to make your trip to Bulgaria with Metro Tourism, you can start your journey not only from Istanbul but also from Bursa and Edirne. You can find Edirne-Bulgaria road trips between 12.00, 15.00, 23.00, 23.45 and 01.30 hours. Departure times may vary depending on the selected city of Bulgaria. You can buy your bus tickets online from the company website. Metro Tourism contact information can be found on the following page.

Istanbul / Bursa / Edirne to Bulgaria road trips of Metro Tourism can be make to 
Aytos, Bradvari, Burgas, Dobrich, Dulovo, Elhovo, Haskovo, Ispir, Kliment, Kardzhali, Kotel, Kubrat, Lesovo, Omurtag, Plovdiv, Razgrad, Ruse, Silistra, Sofia, Shumen, Svilengrad, Targovishte, Varna, Venetz, Yambol provinces.

Metro Turizm Contact Information

Phone: 0212 658 17 17/0212 658 29 96
Fax: 0212 658 14 11
In case of emergency, you can call the call center on 0850 222 34 55. The customer service department is open daily from 09.00 to 18.00 on weekdays, from 09.00 to 15.00 on Saturday and from 10.00 to 15.00 on Sunday.

Metro Turizm Bulgaria Phone Numbers

Sofia: Bus Station Serdika, Office (108,109) Phone: 00359 887 05 17 77, 00359 877 05 27 77
Plovdiv: South Bus Station Bul.Hristo Botev 47 Tel: 00359 32 26 78 79
Haskova: Bus Station Bul. Saedinenie 45 Tel: 00359 38 62 52 50
Burgas: Kalea Tel: +359 894 77 44 04
Kardzhali: Bus Station Tel: 00359 36 16 67 42

Istanbul to Bulgaria Bus Schedules of Alpar Tourism

Turkey to Bulgaria providing services for road transport Alpar Tourism Haskovo, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Sofia organizes expeditions. Alpar Tourism applies normal and student prices to their customers. Bus departure and travel times;

  • The bus departs from Istanbul at 20.30 to Haskova at 1.30,
  • Bus departing from Istanbul at 20.30 to Plovdiv at 03.30,
  • Bus departing from Istanbul at 20.30 to Sofia at 05.30,
  • Bus departing from Istanbul at 20.30 and arrives at Blagoevgrad at 07.15.

It takes approximately 9 hours between Istanbul and Sofia with Alpar Tourism. However, these periods may be extended with border controls.

Alpar Tourism Contact Information

Phone: 0212 658 20 34 - 0212 658 18 53 - 0212 658 35 42
Mobile: 0531 978 88 88 - 0532 655 41 33
Fax: 00 90 212 658 39 56
E-Mail: info@alparturizm.com.tr , alpar_turizm@hotmail.com , alparturizm@gmail.com

Haskova, Avar Tourism Contact

Mir Tour, 30 San Stefano Str

Phone: 00359 38 622 601, 00359 884 765 630, 00359 386 20 308, 00359 889 55 39 05
E-Mail: sevilkayra@abv.bg

Plovdiv, Avar Tourism Contact

Bus Station Jug,

Phone: 00359 876 666 710, 00359 32 638 065

Mobile: 00359 899 912 902

Sofia, Avar Tourism Contact

Bus Station Serdika, Office 107

Phone: 00359 298 15 856, 00359 293 66 768, 00359 298 15 653, 00359 293 66 160

Mobile: 00359 899 912 906

E-Mail: matpu96@abv.bg

Istanbul Seyahat's Istanbul to Bulgaria Bus Schedules

You can travel to Bulgaria with Istanbul Seyahat bus company. You can travel to Burgas, Isperih, Razgrad, Shumen and Silistra with Istanbul Travel. The road trips usually depart from Istanbul at 19.00. By visiting the company website, you can select the city you want to travel to and confirm the bus times.

İstanbul Travel Contact: 0850 222 59 59 You can reach the company from the call center.

Nisikli Tourism Istanbul-Bulgaria Bus Schedules

Nisikli Tourism organizes road trips to Bulgaria from Edirne (Keşan, Yayla, Uzunköprü, Havsa, Erikli), Istanbul (Silivri) and Tekirdağ (Çorlu). If you visit the company's website and select the dates you want to travel to, the stop and destination stop, the road trips are listed. From Turkey to Pomoir, İsperih, Varna, Dobrich, Silistra, Razgrad, Burgas, Shumen, Aytos, Sofia and Plovdiv expeditions are organized.

Nişikli Tourism Contact Information

Istanbul Bayrampasa Bus Station Branch No: 119

Phone: 0530 330 70 48

E-Mail: 119sube@nisikli.com.tr

Tekirdağ Bus Station Branch Phone: 0530 306 85 17 tekirdagotogarsube@nisikli.com.tr

Silivri Bus Station Branch Phone: 0530 306 85 25 silivriotogarsube@nisikli.com.tr

Çorlu Bus Station Branch Phone: 0530 306 85 18 corluotogarsube@nisikli.com.tr

Bus Prices of Bulgaria 

If you prefer the road for your journey, you can get information about our bus services from our page. However, since there may be updated schedules, changing routes and fees, we advise you to contact your preferred company to get your transport document.

Bus fares to Bulgaria will vary depending on your destination city and preferred company. Nişikli Tourism's Bulgaria ticket prices are different from Istanbul Seyahat's Bulgaria ticket prices. The cheapest bus price to Bulgaria starts from 65 to 70 TL. Bus ticket prices usually vary between 80 and 130 TL. If you buy your ticket as a round trip, some companies may offer a discounted price.

After deciding on your travel dates, you can buy your ticket by contacting your preferred bus company through the contact information or visiting the web sites. Don't forget to have your passport and other documents with you during your trip. If you need a visa for your travels to Bulgaria, you can contact our call center and forward your request.

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