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How to Make an Electronic Appointment to Renew a Bulgarian Passport?

Citizens of Bulgaria may also issue and renew red passports by electronic appointment by the Internet. An appointment can be made at the e-passport application section of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry website. E-passport application can be make at "ebds.perfectbg.com".

E-Passport Appointment Process

We have compiled the following e-passport appointment stages for you after entering ebds.perfectbg.com website. You can easily book your passport by taking the following information.

1. Click on the second section on the top left of the homepage of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (ebds.perfectbg.com) to access the electronic petition form (Elektronno Zayavlenie).
2. The application form should include the personal information of the applicant. The list of required documents for this is as follows:

  • Bulgarian Passport
  • Bulgarian Identity Card (Liçna Karta)
  • Bulgaria Birth Certificate (Akt za Rajdane)
  • Identity Card of the Republic of Turkey
  • Residence address in Turkey and your phone information 

3. Fill in the form using the information in the documents. Then click the green button at the bottom.
4. After this process, a password called UIN code appears in the picture part of the form. This password must be saved for case it may  forgotten or lost. The form should also be printed.
5. When the form is completed and saved, click the third option Online Registration on the top main menu. Subsequent operations are performed as follows.

  • The consulate closest to the applicant's address of residence is selected.
  • Personal information and the previously received UIN code are entered in the relevant fields.
  • Appropriate day and time selection is made for the appointment.
  • Click the green button at the bottom of the page to confirm the process.

6. After the second stage is approved, a link is sent to the applicant's e-mail address with in a short time.
7. The link is copied and opened on a blank page. The bank account and fee table on the page should printed out.
8. These two outputs shall be placed among the other documents to be taken to the Consulate on the date of appointment.

Bulgaria Red Passport's Renewal and Extension

Citizens of Bulgaria may get red passports, red passport renewals and make red passport extensions from Ankara Embassy in Bulgaria also Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul and Consulate of Edirne in Bulgarian Consulate of Bulgaria in Bursa. An e-passport appointment is required beforehand.

If you send us your documents by cargo, we make your passport appointment within 2 business days and then, we send your form by email. Passport renewal and passport extension applications are made in personal. Our office representative can only advise you during the process of preparing your documents and making an appointment. Your appointments are made online and can only be made on the day and time given by the Consulate or Embassy. Therefore, the application form is filled out according to this appointment date. You can find the steps to get an online passport appointment in detail above.

Necessary Documents for Bulgaria Red Passport

  1. The application form "Zayavlenie" (Akt za rajdane).
  2. Photo
  3. Photocopy of birth registration sample
  4. Photocopy of residence certificate in Bulgaria
  5. Copy of old passport
  6. Photocopy of Bulgarian and Turkish identity documents (Passport and Lechna Card)
  7. The first time applicants older than 18 must prepare a photocopy of the identity cards of two first degree relatives who they can witness.
  8. Passport fees must be paid
  9. Address and telephone information from applicant

Bulgaria Red Passport's Renewal Procedure

1. Scan the form and paperwork

You need to scan all the documents required for your passport and Zayavlenie Application Form and send it to consul.istanbul@mfa.bg by email.

2. Consular officer will inform you

Officials at the Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria will review your documents. If there is no missing document, they will call you and tell you the date and time you need to come for your application.

3. They will give you time to complete your missing documents

If there are any deficiencies and errors in your red passport renewal documents submitted to the Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria, visa authorities will call the applicant within 7 working days and ask for the necessary arrangements to be made. The errors should be corrected by the applicant within a certain period of time from the date of notification.

4. You should go to the consulate at the appointment time

After making an appointment for a Bulgarian red passport, you will need to print out the Zayavlenie form and take your 4 biometric photos and go to the Consulate or Embassy on the day and time you are notified. If you have name on the list, you will be interviewed that day.

5. Get your passport

Passports can be issued within 3 months from the date of application. This period may sometimes extend because of to the intensity and public holidays of the Consulate and the Embassy. After issuing the Bulgarian passport, it can be taken in person or by the person you represent in the Bulgarian diplomatic missions.


  • If the applicant applying for a red passport renewal is under 18 years age, the parents must also be present at the Bulgarian Consulate at the time of application. If one of the parents cannot come, he or she must give power of attorney to the other parent.
  • If the parents are divorced, the court decision showing custody of the child must be submitted in the passport renewal documents. Even if the mother or father is authorized to see the child for only one day a year, he / she must give a power of attorney.
  • Bring your documents to the Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy in the form of originals and photocopies. Your original documents will be checked and returned to you if requested. You will deliver the photocopies to the Consulate.
  • The Zayavlenia form, which must be completed when applying for a Bulgarian passport, must be submitted personally by the passport applicant. Because the applicant's face, fingerprint and signature are recorded digitally.
  • Every Bulgarian citizen must have a single passport under the law. Therefore, the old passport must be handed over to the official after the new passport is received.

To make an appointment with the Bulgarian Consulate, you can call:

  • +90 (212) 281 06 01
  • +90 (212) 281 01 15
  • +90 (212) 279 58 37

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