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Bulgaria Visit Visa

Bulgaria Visa - Family Visit Visa Documents

Persons wishing to visit Bulgaria for visit their relatives or friends can apply for a visa for relatives visit, which is among the Bulgarian visa types. There are a number of documents required to apply for a visa for family visit to Bulgaria. In this article, we have compiled a list of documents showing personal and professional status information. You can find the 2020 current visa application documents and detailed information on our page. You can contact us for visa procedures and Bulgaria visa fees.

Required Documents for Bulgaria Visa

  • Passport
In order to obtain a Bulgarian visa, your passport needs to be aviable at least 6 months after the expiration date of the visa is issued. The passport must also contain at least 2 blank pages. Persons who don't have a passport may apply to the places required for get a passport.
  • Biometric Photo
The biometric photograph, measuring 35x45, should have a white background. Especially for women with covered heads, the forehead and ears should be visible.
  • Fully Registrationed Population Document Example
The visa applicants required for a visa application include a full sample of population registration. It should include family and sibling information and address information. The barcoded documents you have received from the e-government portal are also accepted.
  • Bank Account Statement:
To apply for a Bulgaria visa, you need have bank account. Your bank statement document shouldn't be older than the last 10 days, there should be a balance of at least 5.000 TL and must have been stamped from the bank.
  • Invitation Letter
You need a invitation letter that is required for visa application for family visit to Bulgaria. The original invitation of the Foreigners Branch approved by a family member or friend living in Bulgaria must be included in the visa application file.
  • Consent Document
If the person applying for a visa is under the age of 18, He/She need a notarized certificate must be obtained from their parents for visa application.
  • Documents showing your professional status
Documents showing your professional status are also required for visa application in Bulgaria. You can find the details below:
  1. If you are employee; company documents, employment declaration, SSI Service Document, payroll, visa application documents should be included.
  2. If you are the owner of the company; chamber of commerce registration, activity certificate, tax plate, signature circular, reference letter should be included in the visa application documents.
  3. If you are a student; the student certificate obtained from the school where you are studying should be included in the visa application documents.
  4. If you are a housewife; The payroll and bank statement of the person who will cover your expenses during your visit to Bulgaria should be included in your visa documents.

Our Additional Services

Travel health insurance

There are documents that must be submitted to the consulate when applying for a Bulgarian - Family Visiting Visa. One of them is the Travel Health Insurance, which covers the duration of travel in Bulgaria, is indemnificationed by 30 thousand Euros and is valid in all European countries.

Green Insurance

In addition, those traveling to Bulgaria with their own vehicles are required to have ‘Green Insurance’. Your Green Insurance can be issued within 1 day.
List of Visiting Visa Documents for Married persons with Bulgarian Citizens
1. Passport
It has been issued in the last 10 years and must be valid for at least 6 months after the expiration date of the visa. It must contain at least 2 blank pages.
2. Biometric Photo
Size 35 x 45, background should be white. Especially for women with covered heads, the forehead and ears should be visible. When you go to the photographer, remember to mention the country where you applied for a visa.
3. Fully Registrationed Population Document Example
It should be taken from the Population Directorates and should include family and sibling information and address information. Although the barcoded documents you have received from the e-government portal are also accepted, sometimes we recommend you to apply with your Population Registration Sample taken from the Population Directorate as there is a lack of information.
4. Bank Account Statement
Your bank statement document shouldn't be older than 10 days. There should be at least 5.000 TL balance in it and it should be signed by the bank.
5. Marriage Certificate (Grajdanski Brak)
Those who are married to a Bulgarian citizen and apply for a visa must include their marriage certificate to the visa application documents. Marriage certificate must be certified from Bulgaria.
6. Identity Documents
The Bulgarian passport of the Bulgarian citizen and the photocopy of the Bulgarian ID must be included in the visa application documents.
7. Population Registration Sample taken from Turkish Marriage Certificate or Population Directorate
In addition to the Bulgarian marriage certificate, the Turkish marriage certificate must be included in the Bulgarian application documents.
8. Name Equivalence Certificate
If the spouse of the applicant is a Bulgarian citizen or a dual citizen, the name equivalence certificate must be obtained.
9. Residence Certificate
The residence certificate must be among the visa application documents.

Visa Application Procedures for Visiting Bulgaria

1. Send yourvisa documents by cargo:
The decision-making authority for Bulgarian visa applications is belongs to the Bulgarian consulates. You can apply Bulgaria visa through the consulate authorized centers or accredited agencies.
The Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria also makes regional distinctions in visa applications. This means that you must apply for bulgaria visa from the nearest representative in your city.
The visa application procedure for Bulgaria will initiate after the delivery of your documents by Euroasia GVS to the Istanbul branch. Our officials in Istanbul will review your documents and apply to the Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy in accordance with your city.
2. Our official will send informational mail to you
The documents you send to our office by cargo are carefully checked by our authorities. If there are any missing or incorrect documents, our authorized person will send you an e-mail or call you and request you to complete your missing documents.
3. There is no fingerprint implementation for Apply to Bulgaria Visa
Fingerprinting implementation isn't required for Bulgaria visa applications. For this reason, you don't need to apply personally for Bulgaria Family / Friend Visit Visa applications.
• No matter which city you live in, you can apply if you send your documents to our Istanbul
office by cargo.
4. First, you need pay your visa fee
Our officials who will review your documents and check that there are no deficiencies or inaccuracies will send you an e-mail with information about the visa fees and bank account numbers you have to pay. You can pay the visa fee in TL to our bank account number or send it to our office with your documents.
5. We send your passport
You can get information about the status of your passport by calling our authorities while your visa process is in progress. Your visa will be sent to our office after being approved by the Consulate or Embassy of Bulgaria. If you wish, you can come to our office in personally and get your passport, if you wish, our authorized person can send cargo to your business or home address.
6. Check your visa
We recommend that you check the page with your visa as soon as you receive your passport. Check that the photo on your visa, that your name and surname are spelled correctly, and that your visa start and end dates are correct. If there is a mistake, we suggest you call our wasting officer.

How Many Days takes the Visiting Visa will be issued?

The bulgaria visit visa applicate may take 10 days. However,When the consular authorities request additional documents, this period may be extended. When apply to visa, you must give attention that your planned travel date. For example, applications that made 3 months before your travel date
wont be accepted because they are early. It is sufficient to apply 30 or 15 days before your travel date. In addition, if you need an emergency visa in case of death or illness of one of your family members, you can call our authorities and ask them to apply for an express visa. The authority to finalize the visa applications is only belongs to consulate. As Euroasia GVS, we serve you in order to avoid any problems in your application process. For a comfortable and easy application service, you can call our call centers and get information about your transactions and process.

Duration of Visit Visa

Determine the duration of the visit visa is entirely under the authority of the Bulgarian representative in Turkey. If you don't have a first-degree relative in Bulgaria, visit visa is usually issued with a single entry and maximum for 30 days. If you are going to visit your first-degree relative in Bulgaria, you can get a multi-entry visa for 6 months / 1 year. With this visa you can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days in a year or 90/60/30 days in 6 months. Taking a single entry visa to Bulgaria means that you can only enter Bulgaria once, regardless of the duration. If you need to stay in Bulgaria for more than 90 days, you can apply for a D Visa.

Refusal of the Bulgarian Family Visit Visa

Your Bulgaria family visit visas can sometimes result in refusal. In the event of a visa refusal, the Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy is obliged to inform you of the grounds for refusal. You are entitled to appeal when your visa is rejected. If you prepare the necessary documents, you have the right to apply again. In case your visa is rejected, you can call our authorities and get support on how to follow a procedure.
When applying for a family visit visa, the Bulgarian Consulate's visa authorities may request additional documents, in which case your travel date may change. For this reason, we don't recommend finalizing your travel plan before your transactions are concluded. If your country doesn't have a Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy in Bulgaria, you can apply for a visa from another country.
Those who wish to apply for a Visiting Visa because of their spouse who is a Bulgarian citizen are required to submit a Marriage Certificate issued from Bulgaria. The Consulate of Bulgaria usually gives a one-year marriage visa; however, sometimes it is possible to given for 6 months in the first applications. Persons whose marriage is terminated and divorced from a Bulgarian citizen shouldnt apply for a Bulgaria Visiting Visa with outdated documents. If you have divorced from your spouse, you can call our office to get up-to-date and detailed information about the documents appropriate to your situation. You can visit the Bulgaria visa page for detailed information about other visa types.

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