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Bulgaria Visa

Bulgaria Visa
Distinguished visitors, Euroasia Global Visa Services is one of the leading and most successful
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many subjects such as Bulgaria Type C Visa application, residence permit, work permit, family
reunion, student visa, residence permit through retirement, establishing a company in Bulgaria,
opening a representative office, issuing passport, postponing marriage, birth certificate. In addition
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issues. You can reach detailed information about the current procedures for 2020, Bulgaria visa
period, Bulgaria visa documents, Bulgaria visa prices, Bulgaria visa and citizenship procedures.
can have comprehensive information by reviewing our page or you can contact us by phone to ask
your questions to our authorities.

How to Apply to Visa for Bulgaria?

The only thing you need to do for your visa procedures about Bulgaria, is prepare your documents
and (wherever you are in Turkey) send them via cargo. You can visit our office for give your
documents, too. Our officials will review your documents and inform you of any missing or incorrect
documents, work focused on the solution to ensure your application is timely and make your visa
application on your behalf with great care. When the Bulgarian visa is issued, it'll send with your
passport to the address you specify. That way, without the hassle of dealing with complicated
paperwork, your visa is issued as soon as possible. Passports issued from the transaction will be
delivered to you by cargo or courier upon request. You don't need to be in personally for apply to
Bulgarian visa. There is no biometric data declaration (fingerprint) procedure for visa applications in
Therefore you can just call our office for visa application from your residence city. You can
deliver your documents to us by cargo, and after your transactions, you can still receive your
passport with cargo. Contact us at our contact numbers to complete your application without getting
tired, without the tedious visa procedures.

Before Application;

Before beginning prepare your visa application documents for Bulgaria remember to call our
authorities and get support for which documents you should prepare. There are periodic updates
and changes in the application documents. Our authority will provide you with up-to-date
documentation and provide detailed information about your personal situation while answering your
Types of Bulgarian Visa

  • Type C Visa Types

Bulgaria provides a C-type visa for short-term trips (less than 90 days). Single-entry, double-entry and
exceptionally multi-entry (multi-entry) type C visa types are as follows:

  1.  Bulgaria Tourist Visa​
  2.  Bulgaria Commercial Visa
  3.  Bulgaria Transit Visa
  4.  Visa for Visiting Bulgaria (Family / Friends / Official Visit)

species. The holder of one of these visa types is entitled to stay in Bulgaria for a maximum of 90 days
within 6 months
. Turkey citizens are required to obtain a visa to Bulgaria with some exceptions, if

they are planning to travel to Bulgaria for one of the purposes mentioned above. Regarding these
exceptions; holders of private passports (green) are entitled to stay in the country for a period of six
months from the moment they enter the country, exempt from visa for 90 days. Those who have a
service passport (gray) and a diplomatic passport (black) are also entitled to stay in Bulgaria for 30
days without a visa within 6 months of entering the country. In order for these people to exercise
their rights, their passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return from Bulgaria.

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