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Bulgaria Multi Visa

Multi visa means multi-entry visa. This is a short-term (C-type) type of visa that is issued to citizens of Bulgaria who are married to a Bulgarian citizen without requesting a visa fee. This visa is issued with multiple entries for 90 days within one year. To apply for a Bulgaria multi-visa application, the person must have a Bulgarian marriage certificate. You can read more about multi visa documents and visa procedure in the following article.

Wherever you live  in Turkey the multiple-entry visa  application can perform on your behalf. For this, it is enough to send your documents to our office. You can call our authorities for multi visa application documents list.

List of Required Documents for Bulgaria Multi Visa

  1. Passport: Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return date from your travel.
  2. Biometric Photo: 35x45 mm, with white background and updated.
  3. Marriage Certificate: The Bulgarian Marriage Certificate approved by the Bulgarian authorities. (Grajdanski Brak)
  4. Fully Registered Population Registration Example: Must include family information, should be stamped and wet signed.
  5. Bank Account Summary: A document of a bank account with a 5000 TL minimum balance.
  6. Turkey Marriage Certificate
  7. Photocopy of Bulgarian Passport
  8. Photocopy of Leicha Card
  9. Name Equivalency Certificate: Bulgaria belong to people who are citizens (in the name of difference in Bulgaria and Turkey) should be taken from the Directorate of Population Name Equivalency Certificate.
  10. Certificate of residence
  11. Copy of TC ID Card : If Bulgarian citizens are also citizens of T.C it is enough to take ID card photocopy. If applicant is only Bulgaria citizen, you need residence permit from Turkey

NOTE: There may be changes between the current visa application documents, you should get support from our representatives to avoid confusion in visa application documents.

Additional Services:

One of the documents that should be submitted to the Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria for multi-visa applications in Bulgaria is travel health insurance. You can have a travel health insurance of 30.000 Euro (which will cover the day of stay in Bulgaria) from our office . In addition, if you are going to Bulgaria with your own car 'Green Insurance' is mandatory.

Bulgaria Multi Visa Application Procedure

1. Send your paperwork to our office:

There is no obligation to apply to the Bulgarian Consulate or the Embassy of Bulgaria in person for a multi-visa application. For this reason, when you send the visa documents to our office by cargo, our authorities can apply for you without having to come to you. As Euroasia Global Visa Services, we have offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Edirne, Bursa, Gaziantep and Antalya. When you submit your paperwork for multiple entry visas from different cities of this city of Istanbul or Turkey are making your application to our office on your behalf.

2. Our representative will call you:

When your documents arrive at our office, our authority will immediately check and inform you. It will ask you to complete your missing or incorrect documents. If your documents are complete, you will apply to the Bulgarian Consulates or the Embassy on the day of receive or at the latest after one day.

3. Where to apply Multi visa application :

Only the Bulgarian Consulates and the Embassy of Bulgaria are authorized to evaluate Bulgaria's multi-visa applications. These two representations don't discriminate regionally for multi-entry visa applications. So which city you live in Turkey, we can realize your application from anywhere. You do not need to make an appointment to apply.

4. Multi visa is finalize in a few days:

The multi-entry Bulgaria visa will result in an average of 5-7 working days. However, this period may be extended due to the public holidays and intensity of the consulates or embassies.

5. We send your passport to you:

After the visa application is completed, your passport comes to our office. If you want, you can get your passport by coming to our office or we can send it to your work or home address by cargo.

6. Check your visa:

When you receive your passport, check the page for your multi-visa. Check whether the photo in your visa belongs to you, whether your name and surname are written correctly or if the multi-visa start and end dates are processed correctly. If you encounter an error, we recommend that you inform our authority immediately.

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid any problems in your visa application documents and visa application process, our authorities will support you in all visa procedures.

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