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Bulgaria ID CARD (Lichna Karta)

Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey  can apply for ID cards in 4 different cities in Turkey in Bulgaria diplomatic representations. The Embassy of Ankara, the Consulate General of Istanbul, the Consulate General of Edirne and the Consulate of Bursa are the diplomatic representatives authorized for identity card transactions. Each citizen can only have one ID. Identities are issued for 4 years and 10 years / indefinitely.

Citizens must apply for a new identity card within 30 days if their names and surnames, gender and image are permanently changed. In the absence of a new application, penal sanctions may be imposed by Bulgarian law. The same applies if the person's identity card is lost, stolen or damaged. Bulgarian citizens who face such a situation must apply for a new card within 30 days. On the following page, we have gathered information about ID card application which we think may be useful for you. You may have information by reading our articles. You should always get information about the up to date information before starting your official transactions.

What is the Lichna Karta (ID CARD)?

Identity cards are official documents that contain contact information, identify people, and shows that they are citizens of the country to which they belong. On each ID, only the identification numbers belonging to that person are displayed. Lichna Karta (ID CARD) in question is in reference to, Turkish citizens living in the Republic of Turkey have each T.C identity card. In Bulgaria, as the equivalent of identity in Turkey, this card is used.

Citizens are obliged to keep their identity cards intact. The loss or stolen of Lichna Karta (ID Card), the Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey should apply to the relevant diplomatic representations and should explain the situation. If it doesn't, it may pay a fine under Bulgarian law. There are procedures for citizens to apply for a Lichna Karta (ID CARD). If these procedures are provided, the person can apply for an ID card and the application will be positive or negative within 90 days. Identity cards are issued by the consular units of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria. Applications must be submitted to the relevant consulate in personally. The Consulate performs the signature, face and fingerprint scanning of the applicant in electronic environment. However, if the application results in a positive result, the ID card can be taken by another person who is proxy, and the person isn't required to be present in person. However, the power of attorney must be notarized.

How to Take a Lichna Karta (ID Card)?

Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey can achieve through diplomatic representatives of their application. With the approval of the Ministry of the Interior of the relevant country, you can apply for an ID from the consular units and receive a positive response at the end of the process. The application process for the card is a little tiring and long. You must make your application in personally at the Consulate Office in your area of residence, but you can get support from our visa service when preparing your application documents.

How can I get a Lechna Card (ID Card)?

  • Call our call centers to indicate that you want to apply for an ID card and provide information about your current situation.
  • Our representatives will tell you which consular department you should apply for once they have enough information about you.
  • Request a list of documents to submit for your application.
  • You can prepare your documents in accordance with the information provided. Euroasia GVS also provides translation and certification of your documents.
  • When your paperwork is ready, personally submit your application documents to the consulate. Your documents will be processed when the necessary procedures are followed. (fingerprint, face and signature scanning).
  • Your application will be finalized in approximately 90 days. If your application is positive, you will need to receive your issued card in person. If you  receive a notarized power of attorney for someone else can also be delivered by the person you authorized.


The list of documents on our page is a general list. The consular unit may request different documents from the persons depending on their application. Throughout the process, our representatives will provide you with the necessary support.

Required Documents for application to Lichna Karta (ID Card);

Applicants between the ages of 14-16;

  • Personal presence of the child and parents
  • Parents' passport / identity document (original and photocopies)
  • Applicant's valid passport and photocopy
  • Bulgaria Birth Certificate
  • Current, color photograph reflecting the current state (35x45 cm)
  • Residence Document (Should belong to permanent address in Bulgaria. Must be signed by the mayor and sealed.)

For Second and Subsequent Identity Applications of Persons aged 14-18;

  • Personal presence of mother, father and child
  • Passport / identity document and photocopy of parents
  • Child's valid passport
  • Bulgaria Birth Certificate
  • a 35x45 cm colored photograph reflecting the current situation of the applicant
  • Child's previous identity card (original and photocopy) The person must return the previous identity card. Because every citizen must have only one card.

Applicants between the ages of 18-58;

  • Applicant's personal presence
  • Applicant's current and valid colored photograph (it should measures 35x45 cm)
  • Passport, identity card, ELV (driving license), birth certificate and  Bulgarian identity certificate is original and photocopy 

Applicants between the ages of 58-70

  • Applicant's personal presence
  • Up to date, colored photos in 35x45 cm
  • Still valid or have expired passport, ID card, driving license (ELV), Bulgarian birth certificate and photocopy

Applicants over the age of 70;

  • Applicant's personal presence
  • Applicant's current and valid color photograph (measuring 35x45 cm)
  • Valid or expired passport, driving license (ELV), Bulgarian birth certificate and photocopies


  • In case of change of names and surnames through  marriage, persons must also present the original and photocopy of the Bulgarian marriage certificate in order to issue a new identity card.
  • Children under the age of 18 may receive their ID card on the condition that one of the parents, who is a Bulgarian citizen, is provided with a passport / ID card. The original Bulgarian birth certificate must also be submitted.
  • Applicants must return their old card to the consular officers after receiving new identity documents.
  • The renewal of the expired lichna karta (ID CARD)  must be submitted within 30 days.

Travel to Europe with Lichna Karta (ID CARD)

The country is one of the member states of the European Union. Therefore, with the Lichna Karta (ID CARD), Bulgarian citizens are entitled to travel to all European countries without a visa. With this card, people can travel to Italy, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and all European countries without applying for a visa.

As is known, a decision by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration no longer applies visa to Bulgarian citizens. For short term trips up to 6 months, citizens will be able to travel without a visa. However, electronic transit authorization must be obtained for transit from Canada Airport to another country.

The Lichna Karta (ID Card) gives citizens the right to travel without a visa to European countries, but does not guarantee entry into the country. Access to the country is also at the discretion of the authorities at the border gates. Therefore, we advise you to be careful in your communication with border police.

Lichna Karta's (ID CARD) Fee

There are fees that citizens must pay for their application to the Lichna Karta (ID Card). These fees vary depending on the applicant's age and application reason. IDs are issued free of charge until the age of 14. According to the age ranges mentioned above, the price of the lichna karta (ID Card) that people have to pay is different. You can find out the fee you need to pay to complete your application by calling our representatives.

Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey shall apply to the consular section in which consulate belongs their city. For the application, the consular fee must be paid.

Your application will not be processed if these fees are not pay. In order to process your application, you must pay the fee determined in accordance with your age range into the account number of the consular unit. You must share the receipt of your payment along with your application documents.

The visa fee information that our representatives share with you for the applications includes the service fee and consular fee of our company.

Renewal of Lichna Karta (ID Card)

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, it can be given as 4 years and 10 years. Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey, are able to renew their ID cards when they close to the  their Id card validity expire time. There are procedures to be performed for the renewal process. Again, there are consular fees and documents varying for each age.

Persons must submit documents and deposit consular fees for the Lichna Karta renewal. Applicants must ensure that they have sufficient information before commencing their proceedings. Any inaccuracies and deficiencies made for the transactions will cause the process to prolong. Therefore, you should contact our representatives and get detailed information about the process and documents in order to avoid any delays in the application process.

In order to renew the card, the citizens must be present in person at the consulate and submit their documents. However, we always provide you with the necessary support during the preparation process. Our representatives are very experienced in documents and process. If you prefer Euroasia GVS for your applications, we help you to complete your transactions as soon as possible.

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