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Bulgaria Holiday: How to Get to Bulgaria

Dear visitors, we prepare a information page about Bulgaria travels. In winter for ski-lovers, in summer sea and sun lovers; Bulgaria is a perfect place to vacation. A valid, multi-entry Schengen visa allows entry into Bulgaria. It takes 5-6 hours by car from Istanbul to Bulgaria, there are regular flights and buses every day, and it is possible to reach by train for adventurers.

You can find answers about when to go to Bulgaria, which season should be preferred for holidays, where to visit in Bulgaria, which cities to go and most importantly how to apply for a visa to enter the country in this article. In this content, which we intend to be useful for you, there is information about Bulgaria and details about how to apply for the easiest and quickest visa applications. With the advantage of being geographically close, you can easily travel to the country without transportation problems.

How to get to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria can be reached both by road and by air. It is very easy to reach the country by plane, train and bus. Transportation by road takes around 9 hours, while airway is reduced to one and a half hours.

There are many bus companies that organize trips to Bulgaria. You can find information about bus companies and departure times. You can also choose the Istanbul-Sofia train, Sofia Ekspress, for a pleasant train ride. With Turkish Airlines, it is possible to find non-stop flights from Istanbul to Sofia.

Transportation by Air

There are scheduled direct flights from Turkey to Sofia every day. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Transportation by Road

Bulgaria is easily reached by bus, private car or motorcycle. There are daily bus services from Istanbul to Bulgaria. Buses from Istanbul to Sofia take approximately 8-9 hours. If there is density at the border gate, this period may take 1-2 hours.

Transportation by Rail

Those who want to go by train can reach Bulgaria by Istanbul Sofia Express. The train journey takes approximately 12 hours.

Places to See in Bulgaria 

After talking about this easy transportation, let's talk about the places to visit and the cities of Bulgaria. For a trip planned in the summer, places such as the Nessebar Peninsula, Sunny Beach, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas, which are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, can be preferred. Enjoy the fun of Bulgaria vibrant nightlife. You can also add the sights of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Tourist attractions in Bulgaria are a must-see.

In winter, holiday plans can be made for places such as Pamporovo, Bansko, Borovets, where the Bulgarian ski resort is located. Those who want a holiday that is intertwined with nature should prefer Rhodope, Pyrenees, Rila regions.

Events and Traditions of Bulgaria 

Traditional and international festivals held almost every period attract many tourists to the city. The greeting of spring in Bulgaria is celebrated with Baba Marta and everyone wears ornaments called martenichka made of white and red wool. When these ornaments are worn, health and happiness are believed to come during the year. If you catch Baba Marta on your travels, don't forget to attach your martenichas to your collar. :)

If you have the opportunity to be in the country in February, you will catch the wine celebration days. In these days called Trifon Zarezan, people come together and celebrate this special day by offering wine to each other.

The Sofia International Film Festival is usually in March. These activities are followed by the Sofia Jazz Festival, Salsa Festival, Varna International Music Festival and Plovdiv International Folklore Festival. If you are thinking of a culture-oriented trip, you can easily choose Bulgaria during these months.

How to Get to Bulgaria: Visa Procedures

Let's come to the visa information; You will need a visa to travel to Bulgaria. As with all countries, Bulgaria must apply a series of procedures for visa applications. However, as Euroasia GVS, we make your application procedures easier and complete your transactions quickly without tiring you with bureaucratic steps.

Public Ordinary to the Republic of Turkey (Bordeaux) passport holders are not allowed entry to the country without visas or Schengen visas for Bulgaria. Special, Diplomatic and Service passport holders are exempt from visa for travel up to 90 days within 180 days. Those who already have a Schengen visa can enter Bulgaria. However, Bulgaria visa holders cannot enter Schengen.

As it is known, the Consulates of Bulgaria have restricted the scope of their authorization for visa applications. Therefore, you must complete your application through the consulate in your city. Our visa department provides you with information about the regions you need to apply for and conducts your transactions through the most accurate channel.

Through our offices in different cities, you can carry out visa procedures from your location without having to come personally. There is no fingerprint application for visa applications in Bulgaria, so you do not need to come personally. Just call our call centers and tell our representatives about your trip.

We provide you with the most accurate way of completing your application by sharing tourist, commercial, family visit visa documents lists in accordance with your travel purpose. You can get support at every stage of your application, our years of experience and experience at your service.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether Bulgaria is a Schengen country or not. Yes, it is a European Union country, but has not yet joined the Schengen region. Therefore, you can't think that "I will get a multi-entry visa for Bulgaria and than travel to other Schengen countries." If you have a multi-entry Bulgarian visa, you can only enter and exit Romania and Croatia, you must have a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen countries. However, if your valid passports have a valid Schengen visa, you can enter the country with this visa. The control of entry into the country is always with the border officers. Our advice is to have your accommodation and transportation reservations with you during the trip.

Euroasia GVS supports you with your visa applications at every step. You can send your personal documents (passport, biometric photo, bank statement, invitations, accommodation and transportation documents, professional documents etc.) to our office addresses by cargo, and you can get application service by just contacting us by phone.

How Many Days Does a Bulgarian Visa Results Take?

Your short-term Bulgarian visa applications will take approximately 10 business days. We follow up your transactions at every step and deliver your passports to the desired address by cargo.

You can reach us through our phone numbers during working hours for your visa procedures and you can get detailed information about your applications.

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