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Bulgaria D type Visa Inquiry

Bulgaria D visa application procedures are followed and the application is questioned. You must prepare and submit the documents required for your application according to the scope of your trip. Visa applications requiring long-term residence require a more demanding preparation process. As Euroasia GVS, we support you at every stage of your D visa applications and follow up your application.

Bulgaria D Visa Inquiry

When you submit your application through our visa service, we make your Bulgaria d visa inquiry and follow up your application throughout the whole process. You can call our call centers and ask our authorities to request the inquiry of the status of your application at any time.

  1. When you have completed the procedures for your application, submit your file  the relevant representative.
  2. After reviewing your documents, the Bulgarian Consulate unit, which handles your application, may contact the applicant in case of missing or errors (by mail or telephone) and give time to complete the missing documents. If you encounter such a situation, immediately explain the situation to our representatives and ask them where and how to obtain the new document requested.
  3. You must provide and submit your missing documents by the Consulate of Bulgaria within the period requested by you.
  4. After all these steps, it will take at least 45 days for your application to be positive or negative. This period may be shorter or longer.
  5. The consular unit will notify the applicants whether your visa application in Bulgaria is positive or negative. However, if you complete your application with Euroasia GVS, we will process your inquiry throughout the process and we will notify you when your application is concluded early.

The processing time for Bulgaria D visa applications is slightly longer. The procedure does not result in a short time. The authority of the relevant consulate has the authority to process, evaluate and finalize your applications.

Who Can Apply for D type Visa?

  • Commercial investors
  • Student
  • Placement visa
  • Representatives of foreign trade institutions registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Families of Bulgarian citizens
  • Visa for long-term treatment
  • Media members
  • retirees
  • İnvestors which is according to the Investment Incentive Law
  • Family members of foreign nationals who have received permission to reside
  • Family members and relatives of diplomats, consular employees or trade representatives
  • Commercial visa owners
  • Non-commercial business visa

The application stages also vary for these different purposes. In some procedures, the conditions to be fulfilled may be more challenging. You can refer to these terms in the relevant page headings.

Bulgaria Visa Translation Services

The documents submitted for d type visa applications must be translated into Bulgarian and submitted to the consulate in an approved manner. Euroasia GVS also provides translation and certification services for your documents. We also make the necessary compulsory travel health insurance and hotel and transportation reservations for your travel upon request. Therefore, you can complete your application process tirelessly. You can call us in order to benefit from our services such as Bulgarian translation, document approval, travel health insurance, hotel and flight reservations and you can get detailed information from our call center authorities.

Which provinces can I apply for a Bulgaria D visa?

After you have completed the necessary preparations for your application, you will need to go to the relevant consulate and submit your documents in person. Bulgaria's foreign representative offices located in 4 different provinces in Turkey. Each consulate has its own jurisdiction regionally. The limitation of the jurisdiction of the Bulgarian Consulates is as follows:

Provinces within the mandate of the Consulate General of Istanbul: Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Canakkale.
Provinces within the scope of the Consulate General of Edirne: Kırklareli, Edirne, Tekirdağ.
The provinces of the Bursa Consulate: Bursa, Balikesir, Bilecik, Mugla, Denizli, Aydin, Manisa, Izmir and Yalova.
Ankara Embassy: ​​Ankara, Kastamonu, Nigde, Yozgat, Trabzon, Mardin, Diyarbakir, Tunceli, Mus, Erzurum, Erzincan, Gaziantep, Adana, Adiyaman, Ardahan, Afyon, Agri, Antalya, Artvin, Aksaray, Cankiri, Burdur, Rize, Samsun , Siirt, Sivas, Nevsehir and Tokat residents of the surrounding provinces and districts may apply.

If the province you live in is not listed above, you can call our call center and get information from our authorities about the application area. We help you to make your application from the most appropriate representative

Bulgaria D Visa Application Period

Bulgaria D visa applications result in approximately 45 days, positive or negative, unless otherwise stated. This conclusion is not a definite period. According to the documents submitted by the applicant, according to the density of the consulate, according to the official holidays, is shaped. We will check the status of your visa application during the period and notify you when there is an improvement.

In Bulgaria D visa inquiry period, it may request additional documents from the Bulgarian Consulate during the visa application inquiry process. In this case, the Consulate of Bulgaria can contact you through the communication channel of your choice and request that you complete the missing documents. You must provide the documents within the deadline. You can contact our representatives to request assistance in completing your missing document. So you can prepare your missing document and deliver it in a short time.

Your applications may be finalized before or after the deadline. In the event of finalization, the initiative is entirely within the relevant consulate. Therefore, there is no clear result.

You can complete your Bulgaria D visa applications through our visa service without having to go through a long and laborious process. If you have any questions about visa in Bulgaria, you can call our call center and send it to our visa service authorities.

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