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Bulgaria Birth Certificate

Where to Get a Birth Certificate?

The birth certificate is usually one of the documents that should be provided by the persons concerned within the scope of citizenship applications. Who needs this document;

  • If one of the parents is citizen of Bulgaria of the children's who born in the Republic of Turkey, they need to take a birth certificate to get a citizenship to the child. One of the most important required documents for these procedures is the birth certificate.
  • It is one of the documents that must be prepared in order for children whose parents are Bulgarian citizens to acquire Bulgarian citizenship.
  • Persons whose parents have died as Bulgarian citizens are required to obtain a certificate of birth in order to become a Bulgarian citizen.
  • It is the document that the former Bulgarian immigrant citizens have to provide in order to regain Bulgarian citizenship.

There are methods of re citizenship for Bulgarian citizens who migrate for various reasons and are forced to migrate. The procedure of these methods differs according to the year of migration and the way of depriving citizenship. Immigrant citizens must obtain a certificate of birth confirmation and apply with other documents in order to become Bulgarian again.

When issuing the birth certificate of immigrant citizens, the Bulgarian archive of the region where she/ he was born or last lived is examined. Once the required information is reached, the process of citizenship application proceeds.

Bulgarian Children That Who Borns in Turkey

In past years, this is fair to enter to Bulgaria with a Turkish passport and tourist visa for bulgarian child who borns in Turkey. But now, the present application does not allow such an introduction. Persons who are Bulgarian citizens must obtain a passport (one page passport) or a Bulgarian red passport to travel with their children.

There are conditions for passport issuance that must be met by a Bulgarian citizen parent. The marriage of the parents and the birth of the child thereafter must be recognized by the competent authorities of Bulgaria. Birth certificate is required for this. You can find detailed information on the Citizenship page in our website.

Persons who require birth certificate for the procedures to be performed must prepare some documents and apply to the relevant authority in order to receive their documents. The procedure is carried out in Bulgaria by a Bulgarian citizen parent. However, thanks to the service offered by our visa service, you can complete your transactions without going to that country.

We Are Taking Your Birth Certificate From Bulgaria With The Power Of Attorney You Have Given To Us

As Euroasia GVS, we complete all the transactions you need to carry out in case you give us power of attorney. You can get in touch with our Bulgarian department from our contact numbers or e-mail address to get help on which documents to prepare. Then you can send us your documents, you can get detailed information about the process.

Inquiry of Birth Certificate 

Obligatory procedures are required to obtain this document, which is necessary for citizenship application procedures. Processing times are long. Depending on the person's application and the conditions provided, the time taken to get birth certificate also varies.

Depending on the way in which immigrants are deprived of their citizenship, the procedure that must be followed when applying for citizenship again is different. At the same time for child's which is born in Turkey ( one of the parents must be bulgarian citizen) , the procedure for gaining citizenship is also different.

We recommend that you seek assistance in performing these procedures. Because it is difficult to carry out this tiring, long process without assistance. Euroasia GVS provides support at all stages.

The documents you need to obtain in order to issue a birth certificate;

  • Fully Registered Population Registration Example (showing all family information)
  • Name Equivalence Certificate (belonging to mother and / or father)
  • Example of marriage registration if the parents are married. (If the mother and father aren't married, a  paternity recognition certificate  should be issued).
  • Child's birth registration sample
  • Photocopy of Turkish passports and ID cards in accordance with the citizenship of the parents
  • Photocopy of Bulgarian passport and ID card according to nationality of parents
  • If only one of the parents is going to apply, the other parent should give a Consent to the applicant.

All documents provided for application must be original and apostilled. Transactions should be carried out at the Population Directorate in Bulgaria. The mother or father, who is a Bulgarian citizen, should apply to the District Population Directorate of the province.

Application Stages

  • All documents must be approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by a Bulgarian translation and finally notarization.
  • By applying to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, the identity number (EGN-Acquired Grajdanski Nomer) is obtained for the person whose birth certificate will be obtained.
  • The District Population Directorate issues a birth certificate with a person's identification number (Akt za Rajdane). You can receive your document as a result of transactions.

If you prepare the documents listed in order to obtain a birth certificate, our visa service completes the application stages for you. The application stages may vary depending on your application.

You may need to provide different documents throughout the process. Our representatives will support you throughout the process and will notify you by questioning your application.

Once you receive your document, you can follow the remaining procedures for citizenship procedures. This document provides one of the conditions for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship.

For other conditions and procedures, you can use the information on our page. In order to provide you with the most accurate service, you must provide us with the necessary information about your situation.

Sample of The Birth Certificate 

When your application for birth certificate is finalized by the Bulgarian County Population Directorate, you can receive your certificate. Euroasia GVS gives you detailed information about the necessary procedures. We provide you with the necessary support for long and challenging procedures, and we try to help you with the procedures you want.

The procedures for the document must be completed in Bulgaria. If you don't have time to go there, you can call our visa service to explain your situation in detail and get information about the documents you need to prepare.

We plan your trading process within the information you provide to us. After receiving information about the documents from our representatives, you can prepare and send the documents our office by cargo. If you wish, you can visit our head office in Istanbul during working hours.

Representatives of the Bulgarian department have the control of your documents and have the translation and certification procedures performed. After the translation of the documents, it is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bulgarian notary and the remaining procedures are completed. Application process takes approximately 30 days. After this period, the birth certificate is issued and delivered to the applicant or a person who has a power of attorney.

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