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Bulgaria Apostille Process

The Bulgarian apostille procedure is the procedure that ensures that the documents valid in your country apply to other countries. It certifies the validity of the documents you will use and makes them officially used in the country you are traveling to.

Through the apostille procedure, the obligation to be approved by the diplomatic and consular bodies of the document to be used for another country was removed.

The apostille conditions in Bulgaria apply only to the member states. In other words, the Hague Convention of 6 October 1961 is applied by the parties. Bulgaria is also a member of the convention. Therefore, apostille approval process is needed in processes such as visa application, residence permits and citizenship. However, the approval of the Governor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be requested for the countries that are not parties to the agreement.
Turkey is became a party to "Obligation of Foreign Official Documents Attestation Removal " in 1984 , and in 1985 entered into force applications.


The document may be written in the official language of the authority with a commentary or in a second, third language. However, Apostille (Convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961) must be written in the title of the document.

Authorities that may put apostille certification in the documents to be used;

In administrative documents; Governorships for provinces, deputy governors (on behalf of the governor), Legal Affairs Managers, District Governorates. In the town; district deputies, Forensic documents; The Presidencies of the Judicial Judicial Justice Commission in the centers which are the institutions of the High Criminal Court are authorized to issue a comment.

Certificates of attestation may be used legally in the countries to be traveled. You will need to provide a proof of translation and apostille verification for Bulgarian visa applications, residence permits and citizenship applications. In case you prefer Euroasia GVS for your transactions, we kindly request you to send us the apostille required documents. Please contact our representatives for detailed information.

What is the Bulgarian Apostille Certificate?

When some documents submitted to the consular unit for Bulgaria visa, residence, work, citizenship procedures must have apostille certificate. By this Apostille procedure, documents became valid in Turkey is also valid in Bulgaria too.

For example, long term visa in Bulgaria needs a criminal record to be used in the other relevant countries, for this, it should be apostilled in Turkey for in order to be valid must.

In order to be an apostille document, the documents must be translated into the language of the destination country and approved by the relevant authorities and then approved by the notary public. At the last stage, apostille procedure is performed by authorized institutions (governorship, governor's office) for notarized document.

What is an Apostille certificate? In which cases is it valid?

Apostille means that the documents which are valid in our own country are validated to be legally valid in the country of destination. With this approval process, your document becomes internationally valid. However, this validity binds the states that are parties to the convention.

As Bulgaria is one of the parties to the La Haye convention, the annotations made are valid there. For non Contracting States, it must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey following the approval of the notary public and the governor's office.

In order for the document to be valid, it must consist of the following information;

Apostille (Convention de La Hay edu 5 Octobre 1961) must be on the top!

  1. Name of the country in which the relevant document is issued,
  2. The sign from signed by who
  3. The signatory's adjective,
  4. Which center is stamped / stamped,
  5. Name of the which authority is certified,
  6. Date of ratification,
  7. The name and title of the certifying person,
  8. Apostille number,
  9. Which authority Signet the Apostille, the authority name
  10. It consists of a total of 10 sections with the signature of the authority issuing the apostilled document.

Which documents can't approved to Apostille?

There are also documents that cannot be apostilled. These documents are documents issued by diplomatic and consular units and administrative documents covering trade and customs transactions. These documents are not able to contracted.

The apostille authorities in Turkey to take actions is governorship, director of legal affairs. After completing your document approval process, you can get support from our authorities for the other stages, and after your apostille, you can continue your transactions through our company.

There is no need for further certification by the consulate unit for the certified documents. Documents with an annotation are valid in Bulgaria. You can get more detailed information about apostille procedures by calling our call centers.

Validity Time of Bulgaria Apostille 

We mentioned that there should be apostille for some documents that will be submitted to the consulate unit during your travels in Bulgaria. We recommend that you call my representatives before starting the documents for your application and ask if apostille is required for your documents.

Consular procedures are troublesome and challenging. Therefore, apply, documents, if you do not have enough information about the procedure ask our representatives for help. We complete your transactions without you have to dealing with difficult and tedious procedures.

The apostille validity date of each document is approximately 6 months. Remember to confirm this information. In order to avoid any problems during the application process, please make sure that the documents you submitted to the consular unit have been received in the last 3 months.

For the apostilled document to be valid, there must be 10 chapters listed above. If you have a certificate of attestation, you can ask our representatives at bg@eagvs.com for validity before your application. If you send the image of your document to the specified address, we will return to you as soon as possible.

How to Obtain an Apostille Birth Certificate?

The procedures you need to follow for your application will vary depending on your purpose. For example, if Bulgarian citizenship procedures for birth registration sample taken from Turkey and you want the document to be valid in Bulgaria, you need to do your apostille transactions in Turkey.

The way to get an apostille birth certificate is the same too. Apostille annotation may be issued for documents requested by the notary public, administrative documents, documents issued by the public prosecutor, judicial officer, documents issued by the Turkish courts' authority and duty officer, notary notes and documents issued in the capacity of the person whose accuracy is notarized. The birth certificate is an official document containing the place and time of birth of the person and the information of the parents.

Birth certificates are issued by the District Population Directorates in which the persons are registered in their respective countries.

Apostilled documents are required for the acquisition of citizenship, obtaining citizenship through marriage, residence permit in Bulgaria consular proceedings. People who don't know the process may have difficulty performing the procedures. Our visa service will help you to carry out your transactions without losing time and money by telling you all the processes you are curious about.

Where the birth certificate is obtained (from which country) it must be certified by the authorities of the country concerned. For example, delivery of documents received from Bulgaria must be approved by the competent authorities to be valid in Turkey.

The Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria is authorized to certify court and notary documents in Bulgarian apostille transactions. High education institutions are authorized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for training documents and the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all other procedures.

The contents of apostilled documents should be the same for all countries that are parties to the convention. In other words, it must include information such as who signed it, the authority issuing the certificate of approval and the name of the signatory.

Apostille Power of Attorney

Apostille annotation may be included for notarized official transactions. Since the power of attorneys are notarized, apostille should be put in order for the transactions to be valid in Bulgaria.


Notary approval isn't sufficient for power of attorney. In order to use notarized documents in Bulgaria, apostille should be taken to the power of attorney given. Non apostille power of attorneys aren't used for transactions. Please pay special attention to send your documents apostilled to us for your application procedures.

What is  the apostille power of attorney?

Power of Attorney is to authorize a person to make decisions on his or her behalf in certain circumstances. This authorization is done at the notary public and approved. Therefore, apostille annotation may be included for notarized documents. However, don't start your consular transactions without confirming the need for this transaction.

The documents submitted vary depending on the purpose of your application. Therefore, we don't recommend that you submit your application without having sufficient information about your documents. We help you to translate and certify your documents. Euroasia GVS is very experience in the consular operations of Bulgaria. Our representatives help you to complete your transactions as soon as possible without tiring you.

The documents for which apostille power of attorney is required should be translated into the language of the country to taken first and then should notarized. Afterwards, the documents approved by the notary public should be approved by the governorship / district governor of your province or apostille unit.

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