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Citizenship Procedures for Bulgarian Immigrants in 1951

37 thousand families from Bulgaria in 1951 and a total of 154 thousand people are estimated to create their members emigrated to Turkey. Those who have lost their Bulgarian citizenship can become Bulgarian citizenship once they prove that they were former citizens. In the following, you will read the Bulgarian Citizenship Procedure of 1951 Immigrants and the list of documents they should prepare.

However, since the citizenship procedure is very long and complicated, we recommend that you seek pre-application counseling. When you delegate to Euroasia GVS officials, we prepare your documents and follow your application procedures. You can call our authorities for detailed information about the current list of documents and citizenship application procedure that you need to prepare according to your personal situation and the year you emigrated.

1951 Immigration Citizenship Application Procedure

Step 1: Prepare your documents

1951 immigrants are required to prepare important documents before applying for citizenship. Name Equivalence Certificate and Birth Certificate are two of them. Names in Turkey with the name of the person in Bulgaria may be different. The applicant must prove that he is the same person by applying to the Population Directorate.

Step 2: Correction of Birth Dates

Likewise, date of birth in Turkey and date of birth in Bulgaria can be written differently. In this case, the person must receive birth certificate from the headman of the region where he was born in Bulgaria, should be corrected birth date herewith filed a lawsuit against the Court of First Instance in Turkey.

Step 3: Question Your Bulgarian Citizenship

The citizenship application procedures of 1951 immigrants are made according to the ‘short-term procedure’ or ‘long-term procedure.. However, in order to know which procedure to apply for citizenship, the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice must first ask citizenship.

"Name Equivalence Certificate", "Certificate of Birth", "Certificate of Nationality" and "Immigration Certificate" by preparing the citizens of the Ministry of Justice can apply for the questioning of this process. We are able to query citizenship without having to go to.

Step 4: Inquiry Result

If the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice responds as a result of your citizenship inquiry, the application will be made according to the ‘short-term procedure irse. Accordingly, the applicant must prepare his / her documents and apply from the province of Bulgaria.

Required Documents For People which take the answer "The applicant is Citizen of Bulgaria"

  1. Immigrant Population Registration Example (In the "Thoughts" part, it should be seen that  person's date on which he came to Turkey and gained Turkish.)
  2. Birth Certificate: Should be notarized and apostilled.
  3. Name Equivalence Certificate
  4. Curriculum Vitae: A resume written in Bulgarian in which the person tells his / her life.
  5. Criminal Record Record
  6. Health reports
  7. Photo
  8. Document for the adoption of their parents as Bulgarian citizens
  9. Bank Account Statement

Additional Services

Bulgaria 1951 immigrants who apply for citizenship are required to have Travel Health Insurance during their travels to Bulgaria. This document will be made by our office upon your request.
You can also get support from our authorities by calling our office for notarization and translation procedures you will need during your citizenship applications.

If the Ministry of Justice replied like "Applicant is not a citizen of Bulgaria"

If the applicant receives a answer like "Not a Bulgarian citizen" from the Ministry of Justice in his/hers citizenship inquiry, he/she has the right to apply for citizenship. However, one has to follow the long term procedure.

What you need to do is to apply for a D Visa

The first stage of the long-term procedure is to apply for a D Visa. People should do to prepare documents for the Bulgarian embassy and consulates in Turkey for  D visa application.

D visa should be issued in Bulgaria after 45-60 days, and a residence permit should be applied. The person who receives a residence permit for 5 years in Bulgaria is entitled to apply for Bulgarian citizenship after 3 years. After the application to the Citizenship Department of the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria waits for 2 more years, and after the end of 5 years the applicant can get citizenship.

Required Documents For People which take the answer "The applicant is not Citizen of Bulgaria"

  1. 2 pieces of photograph
  2. Proof of non-Bulgarian citizens: to be obtained from the Ministry of Justice.
  3. Passport: Must be valid for at least 5 years.
  4. Curriculum Vitae: A detailed curriculum vitae written in Bulgarian describing the applicant's life.
  5. Birth Certificate: Should be Notarized. (Akta za Rajdane)
  6. Immigration Certificate: The letter explaining the agreement you have migrated by the municipality of the province where you live before migration.
  7. Name Equivalence Certificate: (will be apostilled)
  8. Criminal Record: (Translated into Bulgarian and should be Apostilled)
  9. Certificate of Confirmation: A document showing no criminal proceedings against the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office.
  10. Health Report: The Bulgarian delegation should be submitted by the Health Institution.
  11. Bank Statement: It should belong to the account opened in your name in Bulgaria.
  12. Letter of Commitment: A letter approved by a Bulgarian notary public that you will live in Bulgaria.
  13. Lease Contract: Notarized undertaking from the landlord who makes the lease for the house you will live in Bulgaria (declaring that the applicant will stay in his own house)
  14. Travel Health Insurance


  • Before applying for citizenship, the residence permit mustn't be interrupted.
  • Most of the documents required for Residence Permit and Citizenship application should be translated into Bulgarian, apostilled and notarized.
  • Even if the parents of the immigrants who died between 1949 and 1951, even if their parents have died, they can get citizenship over their parents if they prepare the necessary documents if the answer is "yes, he/she is a bulgarian citizen"

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